Vision Studies Director Participates in Developing EU Curriculum

Dr. Laura Bozeman, SGISD chair and director of Vision Studies, recently took part in a project to develop professional standards for visual disabilities rehabilitators across the European Union. The oMERO project aims to close skills gaps and create a new curriculum that can be used to train specialists in providing physical, mental, and sensorial rehabilitation services.

During the oMERO final event in Genoa, Italy, Dr. Bozeman presented on takeaways from international training efforts, emphasizing the importance of tailoring professional development to individual needs. “We need to look at the culture and needs and supports that are available in different areas and see how we can help support that, not take it over,” Dr. Bozeman said.

Watch Dr. Bozeman’s presentation on the oMERO project website as well as several other discussions from the final event!



Community Inclusion

The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in school, work, health care and community activities.