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UMass Boston Transition Leadership Program Alumna

How have the lessons you learned in the UMass Boston Transition Leadership program impacted your work as a professional?

For me, it was important to learn and understand how much of the transition specialist job is focused on networking, collaboration, listening, and problem-solving. We were able to practice these skills in our courses, by visiting colleges and Mass Hire Career Centers and forming our interagency teams. Now, I feel more confident reaching out to folks to collaborate because I have already begun to establish those relationships.

Another really important thing was learning how to research and where to look for resources about transition when I need them. I’ve learned from the professors in this program and other cohort members that there are so many amazing, applicable research-based resources out there that have already been created, studied, and highly vetted by professionals in the community — I just didn’t know where to look for them! Now, I’m excited that I get to share them with my colleagues, families, and students to support their success.

If a prospective student said they were considering our program, what advice would you give them?

If you are passionate about helping your students, families, or school with transition then this program will be perfect for you! The resources are cutting edge, and the course content will be totally relevant to your daily work as a transition-focused educator. Faculty are experts in their field and don’t just know about theory, but they also practice what they teach. They collaborate with experts in the field of transition from all over the country and world…including the Institute for Community Inclusion, Zarrow Center on Transition, Division on Career Development and Transition, and more.

For people just starting out with transition, it might feel overwhelming, but the program will give you access to a wealth of information and resources to get you started. Make sure that you keep and organize them along the way. You may not need or understand the value of something right now, but you absolutely will go back to it in the future! And if you have been doing transition for a long time (like me) I can’t think of a better way to develop your skills and make valuable connections with folks in the community.

Take advantage of opportunities to network with people, dive deep into your personal areas of interest, and assess your own practice to set new goals that will make you a better transition specialist. It’s a lot of work no matter what, but it’s well worth the energy that you put forth, both short term and long term!

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