July is Disability Pride Month!

Learn about disability justice this month

The Disability Justice Collective, a group of queer, disabled, women of color, initially envisioned and conceived the Disability Justice Movement in 2005 in the San Francisco Bay area. Patty Berne, Mia Mingus, and Stacey Park Milbern were the original founders, later joined by Leroy Moore, Eli Clare, and Sebastian Margaret.

  1. what disability justice is
  2. how to integrate disability justice into organizing
  3. examining the disability histories in our organizations and communities
  4. discussion questions using Sins Invalid’s 10 Principles of Disability Justice
  5. accessibility tools designed by people with disabilities
  6. stories about disability justice organizing
Disability pride flag with straight diagonal stripes: black background with 5 diagonal stripes in red, yellow, white, blue, and green.
Updated disability pride flag in 2021. Learn more about the flag and what each line and color represent.

How else can we celebrate disability pride?

Read and listen to books by disabled authors and books about disability:



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Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion


The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in school, work, health care and community activities.