Join us on May 15, 2022 for #IPSEDay2022!

· Snap a photo or take a video and share it on social media with #IPSEDay2022.

· Customize our newsletter sample text and insert information about your personal experience or thoughts. Share with teachers, employers, colleges and universities, and local and national representatives.

· Share these messages on your social media accounts and with your networks!

I support #IPSEDay2022 because [include your reason here] #InclusiveHigherEd

#IPSEDay2022 is important to me because [what does it mean to you?] #InclusiveHigherEd

Did you know that college is an option for students with #IntellectualDisability? #IPSEDay2022 #InclusiveHigherEd

Students with #IntellectualDisability can continue to learn after high school, just like their peers and their siblings. #IPSEDay2022 #InclusiveHigherEd

Starburst logo to the left of a blue rectangle. On the blue rectangle is the white text #IPSEDay



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